"Sex is natural. Lovemaking is an art. - Jaiya"
Erotic Blueprints 

What if there was a simple way of understanding your “native language" when it came to intimacy and pleasure? What if you were able to learn how your unique erotic superpowers, your turn-ons and strengths, unique challenges and turn-offs, and how to communicate that with your partner? 

What if you could receive and experience pleasure fully, with complete delight?

What if you were a brilliant erotic detective, and able to decipher the Erotic Blueprint of a current or potential lover? What if you could touch them and thrill them in a way no one else ever could? 

What if you shared the same language and vocabulary, deeply understood and appreciated each other’s inherent desires, needs and turn-ons, and were able to deeply nourish each other? 

What if you could custom-blend your own unique, one-of-a-kind erotic connection???

What if you felt deeply safe, seen, understood, and honored...AND free to be fully expressed, hiding nothing, completely unmasked, naked and unashamed?

What if you could experience new levels of passion, adventure, satisfaction and fulfillment, and deep connection?

Give it to me!

The Erotic Blueprints Breakthrough Course(TM) and Jaiya, Inc. featured in the media:
Client Love
Discovering my erotic blueprint has been life altering!
As a sensual / energetic, I now understand what makes my body feel good. I know clearly what turns me on and what doesn’t work for me. Before coaching with Kristin, I didn’t think it was possible for me to have amazing sexual experiences. Now I have access to ever expanding pleasure in my life. - Sam

"What HAVEN'T you taught me (lol). The biggest thing... I'm wildly aware now that I possess a sexual energy and power that I had no idea I had a connection to (HAD NO IDEA). And now I'm aware of it in every interaction. I'm also now aware that I have more kink in me. Like, that was super repressed but SUPER HOT. I could sing your praises all day long." - Kristy

Welcome to the Erotic Blueprints! 

Your Erotic Type is an arousal map that reveals your specific erotic language—sensual, sexual, kinky, energetic, or shapeshifter. Your Erotic Blueprint™ is your entire erotic being, and is made up of three components: your erotic blueprint type,  your sexual state, and the obstacles you experience to sexual health and pleasure. {{Click here to download our free Blueprint Type eBook, and take our famous quiz}}  Through the Erotic Blueprints Breakthrough Course, you can discover your own language, better understand a partner’s language, and use this road map to embrace and fulfill your desires.

If you’re familiar with the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, you’ve probably learned that different people receive and experience love in different ways. Often people give affection and care through their native ‘language,’ which is great if their love languages match; most often however, we are drawn to differences, and there can be a mis-match. The same process applies to the Erotic Blueprints, developed by Jaiya, which bring new vocabulary and awareness to the idea of arousal, pleasure, and fulfillment, states, stages, and seasons of sexuality, as well as challenges and obstacles to pleasure. As a certified Erotic Blueprints coach, I help people connect to WILDER INTIMACY with themselves and their partner.

The Erotic Blueprints gives you the language and vocabulary to be able to ‘speak’ pleasure, fluently, so you can experience next-level pleasure and the epic fulfillment and delight you crave.

Each of the five types have different turn ons and superpowers, as well as challenges, shadow aspects, needs, and desires. The Erotic Blueprints give us a better understanding of our sexuality, because each person is uniquely and individually wired for pleasure. 

When you discover your unique erotic blueprint stacking, you gain a clear understanding of what turns you on, why your partner’s needs and desires can be completely different, and why you may be experiencing different challenges or blocks, or even shutting during intimacy.

There is no such thing as sexual incompatibility, if you understand the Erotic Blueprints.

More Client Love
"omg omg omg Kristin I want to fly across the country right now just to give you a hug! You SAVED me! Whddaya know, I'm a sexual blueprint after all! We took your advice tonight and I am SWIMMING in relief and joy. I feel vindicated for all the years of pent-up anger I've heard for so long without having a CLUE where it was from. I'm still in shock. Thank you is an obvious understatement!" -N

"Thank you for saving sex for me! Thank you for taking the onerous out and putting the freedom in. Because now I don't have to tolerate it until we figure it all out. I can actually enjoy the process." A

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There are a lot of stereotypes about what provides a fulfilling sex life. Sex techniques are no guarantee of orgasmic bliss. In fact, using the wrong technique on the wrong person can create turn off, shutdown and possibly even traumatic response. What I discovered is techniques don’t create lasting passion and sexual satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction is not one size fits all. WE ALL HAVE A UNIQUE EROTIC BLUEPRINT. - Jaiya
What have you been taught about pleasure? What have you learned about sexual connection? Does the very thought of answering those questions make you uncomfortable? In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, Ana Yoerg unpacks the idea of being "Wired for Pleasure," and our mission to help unleash erotic ecstasy and shift the cultural view of sexuality from being something that is bad, wrong or shameful to something that is seen as healthy and worth cultivating, and even worth celebrating. 

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