This is JEDI School for Accomplished Adults.

"the most direct, swift and effective methods that create instant, core and lasting change in people’s personal and professional lives."

- Satyen Raja, founder of Accelerated Evolution & Warrior Sage Academy
What people are saying about Accelerated Evolution:

“…I cleared more problems, challenges, issues & set goals than I have in over 25 years of personal development, coaching, therapy, body work…This took it to whole new level unlike I've ever seen.”
Nick Matheson

Personal Coach, Owner at One to One Wellness Centre & OneUp Fitness

“I just had the most remarkable experience of my life…I am free. I am rockin' it now. I can’t say enough about what I just did. This has been an answer to my prayers.”
Gerry Foster

Brand Strategist & Advisor: Big Brand Formula

End Struggle Now

Accelerated Evolution was discovered by distilling and synthesizing the most highly effective “no-nonsense” methods in modern therapy, cognitive research, human potential and perennial wisdom. 

These precise processes help relieve mental & emotional stress by removing inner resistance and allowing the participant to do the work themselves in the present moment.

The result is a supremely effective suite of methods for dissolving emotional and mental blocks, more easily attaining goals, making peace with the past and creating more freedom.

Accelerated Evolution in the media:

Breakthrough and find relief from: 

  • Irrational Fears & Phobias
  • Relationship challenges
  • Grief
  • Anxiousness
  • Suppressed Intense Experiences
  • Invasive memories / flashbacks
  • Stress challenges

  • Business Negotiations
  • Sports Performance
  • Public Speaking
  • Goal Attainment
  • Financial Freedom
  • Confidence
  • Leadership

How AE works:


You'll experience, learn and practice to help yourself see above any problems. 


Dissolve longstanding negative emotional patterns at their root – and experience freedom perhaps for the first time in your life. This will allow you to see situations and circumstances from your most centered, calm, peaceful, true self.

Learn how to artfully conquer the past and integrate new beliefs quickly and permanently. Learn why giving advice doesn't work… and how to see progress in the very first session.

Book a Breakthrough Session to End Struggle Now

Are we meant to be? Am I the perfect coach you've been longing for? Are you my dream client? Let's find out with an introductory Mind Clearing/Clarity Session. 

The best way to understand the value of these processes is to actually experience it first hand! Go ahead and book an appointment with me using the link below. We will enjoy a delicious 90 minute initial Zoom video session, identify your blocks and clarify goals, and help you find peace through a mind clearing session.

If we mutually feel a full-body, all in "YES" to working together after our intro call, I will create a custom coaching proposal based on our discussion (usual programs range from 5 weeks to 5 months). If we are not a fit, I will give you some personalized recommendations for next steps or referrals to other providers that may be a better fit for your needs.

I look forward to being of service,


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